MeadowBrookFun | Wintertime Services | Snow Removal
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Meadowbrook Snowplowing Services

We are currently taking new customers for the 2016-2017 winter. Four wholesale and six residential openings may be available. We have three heavy snow removal vehicles, plus, of course, snow blowers to handle any Job…


We take care of your property as if it was our own business, and your yard as if it was my mothers! We do a nice clean job and do our best to take care of your grass and yard. However, when a heavy winter is expected, and snow needs to be moved farther back, it takes special skills to move it over your open yard for the next snowfall without damaging grass and shrubs.


I have been plowing snow since 1974. I’ve learned skills over many years, which have enabled me to do a nice, clean, efficient job. My helpers learn from one of the best, and are taught to respect the lawns and yards, and to do a good clean job! Our goal during snows is to keep all business properties plowed to the owners expectations, and homeowners driveways passable. And when the storm ends, our goals are to get every driveway and lot, open and clean of snow, within a reasonable time. We usually complete all of our patrons within 6 to 12 hours of the storm’s end, depending on snowfall, winds, and how the snow drifts in your driveway. Commercial customer lots are to be cleaned, salted, and ready for business within 4 hours of storm-end, or the opening of business the following day. Just tell us what you expect and we will do our best, weather co-operating to make it happen…


We take on patrons for snow removal in a small area. From Kewaskum, thru West Bend, and down to the Jackson area. From Hwy 28 (Kewaskum North) to Hwy 167 on the South, Hwy 41 and into Slinger on the West. We have many clients around the lakes. Slinger is to the West and to the East is Hwy G and Oak Road.