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School Group Activities & other groups

School tours, school groups, and tour groups are always welcome to Visit our farm, learn,  have Fun and enjoy our  festive and spooky Pumpkin Farm and animal Park!


Field trips are on the hour and scheduled Monday-Friday 9:00am – 1:00pm.

We have been offering fun and exciting field trips since the 1970s! The charge is as low as $7.00 per child, which includes a pumpkin. There is no admission charge for teachers, limit 2 per class. We require (1) one chaperone for every (6) six children. Chaperones will be admitted at $700 each, admission does  include a pumpkin.  The child’s admission includes the choosing of a FREE pumpkin that the child can carry from the designated pick your own pumpkin field. We do schedule your wagon ride to the pumpkin field where you pick your pumpkins.



Field trips are available Monday through Friday.  9 am to 2 pm .    Please dress your children appropriately to assure they have a great time.

We do have a tented picnic area for your use.

Price is $7 per student/chaperone.      Under 20 will have a min group fee.  for wagon ride pick a pumpkin tour.

We’ll take your group on an exciting guided farm tour. Not only will we teach you about our animals, but you can interact with them, too! Everyone can also hand feed goats , Sheep,  Alpacas  and   The  Many Birds, Then Take tractor ride around the farm. During the fall, students can visit the Pumpkin Patch to pick their own pumpkin.

The educational tour

We’ll take your group on an exciting guided farm tour. Not only will we teach you about our animals, but you can interact with them, too! Everyone  can also hand feed goats , Sheep,  Alpacas  and   The  Many Birds, Then Take tractor ride around the farm. During the fall, students can visit the Pumpkin Patch to pick their own pumpkin

Students  will make  their way through  the safari Trail where they will learn about Emus , rheas  geese ducks and turkeys, as well as chickens Ducks and peacocks.

They will learn about the Life cycle of these birds,  and how smart animals and birds  really are… and how to gently  treat farm animals pets and birds for all our Birds and animals have been treated special with hours of interaction time to bring out their individual personalities.   They will learn about  Goats, sheep  and other farm critters.   They will have a chance to interact with Many of our Farm animals for we have the friendliest Birds and animals around.. Chasing birds and animals is not allowed… Gentleness  around them is important for they love people. The children and other guests  will be able to pet and feed  many of our farm birds and animals… You will also have a lightly spooky ( cutouts)  Wagon ride around the creepy& Haunted  Cornfield  to the Pumpkin Patch where the kids  , guest can select  and pick their perfect pumpkin or any size in the field that they can carry.  The kids maze is included for all Group visits .  They will also learn about how pumpkins and other crops crow their cycle and  how most all plants in Wisconsin prepare for the seasons.

The Creepy Cornfield is not available to school groups  with children under 12

Want to extend your stay? Bring a lunch to enjoy in our picnic area .

Other Groups

Group pricing is only for groups 20 or more! Smaller groups  do have a minimum  fee!

SCHOOL FIELD TRIPS $7.00 / person

Pre- School kids 6.50 each  Groups of 10 or more .   50.00 min visit Fee for wagon ride.

Also very important… We are SORRY, but the Creepy or Haunted Corn Field, due to the level of scariness, is NOT AVAILABLE TO ANY SCHOOL GROUPS ages 11 and under, UNDER ANY CONDITION whatsoever.

For organization or school groups of students 12 and up that would like to do the Creepy Cornfield, special arrangements must be made, as well as signed permission slips by parents if under 16.

A  deposit is required to hold your reservation. A reservation is required for the school group rate. The deposit of 50.00 Must be made in advance and be received at least (7) seven days prior to your reservation, or your space may be scheduled for another group. If another group is scheduled upon your arrival, you may have a delay, or you may have to share your timeslot with another group. The balance will be due when you check in your group before activities begin.

A minimum of 12 or more children admissions are  required to book as a school group.

SORRY, NO PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED! School checks, Credit Cards, or cash are allowed for payment. Please do not write checks for OVER the amount due.



 Parties with 12 or more patrons scroll down to girl scouts and birthday parties.


Travel and tour groups will enjoy experiencing these adventures weekdays and weekends, beginning September 26 through October 29 th.  Ask about our New Safari Trail thru the animal park to the petting area for ages 6 and up with chaperones!

For organization or school groups of students 12 and up that would like to do the Creepy Cornfield,

special arrangements must be made, as well as signed permission slips by parents if under 16.

Preferably, for quickest information, e-mail us If I don’t reply the next day, please resend your e-mail and call. (We do not want your email to get lost in spam) Contact us with questions, and let us know best time to call you back. We are often, but not always, near the phone. We are a small, clean, and friendly working family farm, and would love to have you visit. Educational talks can also be provided, and you can call us at (262) 338-3649 or .  or  Rick cell personally at ( just numbers)   a414  L617  N3649

Some activities that your group may find interesting are:

  • Educational discussions on farm critters, birds, incubating, hatching eggs, animals, and crops – how they are grown and selected.
  • Please let us know what you would like your group to learn about!
  • Wagon rides around the farm and picking That Perfect spooky  pumpkin.
  • The Creepy Cornfield adventure is great for ages 12 and up. A bit scary, but not too gory, 45 mins long and Open every day.
  • On Friday and Saturday evenings, the Nighttime Haunted Cornfield is like a haunted house, but in a cornfield for us grown-up BIG KIDS. No one under 14 is allowed without a parent over 18 for the Friday or Saturday Nighttime Haunted Cornfield.
  • The Kid friendly corn Maze  , Yes  a real maze for the kids…..
  • Visiting and feeding the farm critters.
  • Picnicking in our picnic areas. (Dominos pizza delivery is available.)
  • Even an evening campfire with marshmallows and s’mores for groups of 15 or more are options for groups on weekdays. and Sunday evenings. Sorry Private Bonfire parties are not allowed on Fri or Sat  nights
  • Campfire fee for nights with no scheduled campfire is $40.00.  Church youth groups  20.00
    (Better arrangements can be made for large groups of 30 or more!)

Programs tailored for anyone’s desires!

Refreshments, popcorn, snacks, and soft drinks are available!
Pizza delivery is arranged with prior (1 hour) lead time.
Tents, picnic, party, and bonfire area reservations available.

Group prices for activities are as follows

PICK YOUR OWN PUMPKIN $7.50 school age groups 12 or more,
14 & up age groups $8.00
$7.50 school groups 24 to 30
$7.00school groups 30+ to 50
6.50 for groups over 50
Chaperones $5.00 (No pumpkin)
School kids are children enrolled in school, under 18 yo
Adult groups price is $8.00 each – then $7.00 each groups 25+


(Upgraded to speed pass ($35.00Value) when purchased in advance) 20 or more 0r
$25.00 1 to 11 people
$23.00 each for groups 12-25
$22.00 each for groups 26-40
$20.00 each for groups 50 to 99
$18.00 each for groups 100 plus

$14.95 Big Kids over 8
$13.50 for groups 10+
$12.00 for groups 20+
$11.00 for groups 30+


$21.00 for groups of 12 to 29  –  $19.95 for groups of  30 to 50
(Group price depends on size of group and amenities.)


14.95 each for 1-11 guests

$13.95.00 each for groups 12-29
$12.95 each for groups 30-49
(Group discounts available based on size of group. Organization groups start at 12 or more



$24.95 for groups 12 to 24 (E-mail or call for group rates of 20 or more.)

Group rates are for organizational groups of 12 or more. Depending on activities chosen, rates begin at $6.00 per person. Contact us to discuss and schedule a visit. Weekdays and weekends beginning September 15 through October 31. Group leaders must have ID cards and papers (Tax exempt certificates needed to be tax exempt) representing their group. GS, BS, 4-H, etc.

Birthday Parties & Halloween Parties

Have a party! Reserve the tent area for your party. Pizza from Dominos delivers quickly by them. Bring your own cake. Kids can visit the animals. Do the creepy cornfield or a wagon ride, and pick a pumpkin. We can reserve a tent area for 2 hours or more for you. We can tailor make a package for you. Just look everything over and let us know what you think you all want to do! See group pricing above and packages below with tent rental. $35.00 for tent #2, and $45.00 for tent #1.

Scout & Brownie Outings

Corporate Outings | School Field Trips | Scout & Brownie Outings | Senior Group Outings

Family Birthday parties, all groups of 12 or more applies to all attendies.

Scout & Brownie Leaders: Package Scout/4-H

Thank you for your interest in booking a field trip to our Pumpkin Farm. We have been offering fun and exciting field trips since 1976! The weekday charge is $7.50 for a pumpkin from the pick your own field, per scout member, including a free wagon ride, or $12.50 for the Creepy Cornfield and wagon ride with a pumpkin.  animal park is thrown in with both. Your reservation group must come in all together, and be paid for at one time, in order to receive the package rate. You must check in at the front, all at once. The child’s admission includes, the choosing of a pumpkin and free wagon ride. Tents and other options are available. Grassy area pumpkins are also available. Creepy Cornfield is a popular item for scouts, 4-H, and other youth groups. Singing at the bonfire is also an option for many groups, including church and youth groups. No deposit needed, but please cancel if you decide not to come to the farm. We require (1) one chaperone for every (6) six children.

We ask that Leaders show their troop ID cards and tax exempt certificate at the time of check-in. We require a minimum reservation of 8 children to receive the package scout rate.


Bounce House will be available  Friday at 1   thru Sunday, from Sept 30th thru October 28th.
Email us to answer your questions and to book the fastest for we are seldom near phones… or call at (414)c617-3649cell  or (262) 338-3649We look forward to seeing you and hope that you have a great time!
Thank you for considering our farm for your outing.

Some special party/group packages people choose:
(Groups here are 12 or more)
(Optional) Tent #2 reservation/rental is $35.00 for 2 hours. Tent #1 is $45.00 for 2 hours. Each $12.00 per hour thereafter.


Package one:Take a hayrack ride to the pumpkin patch. Pick ANY pumpkin from the field, then take a spooky ride around the haunted corn field, back to the farm to do the Safari trail through the animal park  and visit with the farm animals.   Explore the kids scavenger hunt corn maze  and explore all the Halloween decorations and pumpkins. Then, back to your party area. All for only $8.00 per person weekdays, and $9.00 weekends. Dominos Pizza is available at $12.95/pizza for your party. Package includes treats for the emus, sheep, goats, and birds.

Package Two:Visit the animal park, enjoy the farm decorations, and take a wagon ride to the Pumpkin Field to pick your own table-top pumpkin, 12″ & under Then, take a ride back from the field, around the creepy and spooky corn field, to enjoy the farm critters.
Only $8.00 per person weekdays, and $10.00 weekends

Package Three:Start with the Creepy Cornfield, exploring the art gallery of Halloween scenes throughout the Creepy Cornfield on a 40-45 min adventure. The field is full of scary, creepy creatures, scenes, and scary sounds. Then, visit the Farm Critters, t and petting zoo area. Then  enjoy the many other fall and Halloween decorations around the farm. Enjoy the picnic area for your group meeting or party. Tent reservation and rental is available, starting at $35.00 for two hours. This package is only $12.50 per person.

Package Four:Do all of the above. The entire creepy cornfield adventure package, as well as packages one and three above. Get your hayrack ride to the pumpkin field, and pick any size pumpkin you desire. Then, take the ride back around the Haunted Cornfield, back to visit the farm animals. Do the Safari Trail, and see all the Halloween and fall decorations and pumpkins.
This package is only $18.50/person for 12-24 people,       $16.95/person for 20-40 people,       and $14.95/person for 41+.             Add the night-time haunt (ages 14 and up), instead of the Daytime Creepy Cornfield, “Package 6” for $10.00 more each.     The Scavenger hunt maze is available also for  free..

Bounce House for the groups of 10 or more
Bounce House activities  are available….  4.00 for  two four minute session s  or 6.50 for unlimited during a 1/2 hour period.
Bounce House will be available by Reservation,   and  Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, 11am to 6pm.
Group rates with reservation would be $4.00 per person for unlimited visits to the Bounce House within the half hour playtime.
$3.00 for two 4   minute trips to the house. within the half  hour  Groups of 10 or less do not get these options.