MeadowBrookFun | Night Time Haunted Cornfield
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Meadowbrook Haunted Cornfield

  The  Haunt Begins at    6pm  ticket sales  end at 11:45 pm  Entrance  to Farm closes at Midnight.

The Meadowbrook Pumpkin Farm Haunted Cornfield experience is a MUST SEE – MUST DO – ONE OF A KIND adventure. YOU WILL HAVE FUN, and it WILL BE the FUNNEST THING you do this October! It’s different from a Haunted House, totally un-staged and hair-raising adventure through 8 +creepy Houses and 3/4 Miles of Narrow  trails in Tall Dense Corn, on Narrow confined Dark Trails full of 100s of Creepy Creatures , Scenes, Air activated Monsters, intense sound and lighting  effects !     


The Live-Actor Nighttime Haunted Cornfield Adventures are on Friday and Saturday nights  6 till midnight ONLY.     That is the most intense time to come! Enjoy our Bonfire while you wait for your wristband number to be called.   Enjoy Bonfire ,  the Animals and giant Birds, while you muster up the courage to make your way through the haunted cornfield Filled with live actors, fog, specialty sound effects, action creatures, and light effects. It is geared for us older kids & adults. This farm-style haunt takes 40-45 minutes to complete. Ages 12 and under are NOT RECOMMENDED, but use your own judgement.     There are chicken gates along the way for those of you who cannot handle it or fear your health won’t take it. The country style bonfire is a fun place to share spooky stories.

Experience the Haunted Cornfield Adventure – Over 3/4 mile of narrow mulch-covered trails that spread over a wide 6 acres of land. It is a jungle of tall corn, full of haunted & scary scenes, with action and sound effects, and almost alive-like creatures during the day… BUT MUCH MORE HAUNTED AT NIGHT! Creatures come to life… The fog rolls in… And eerie sounds fill the air while lights flicker and disorient you. Just like the eerie effects that one thinks of in the dark and creepy cornfields late at night. You never know which creatures are real, and which are not. However, touching the art exhibit displays or actors is strictly prohibited! You won’t believe the effort we put in for your enjoyment. You will witness over 60 scenes, well over 200 creatures, sound effects, action figures, and live actors and props. THIS IS AWESOME! IT’S DEFINITELY “A MUST SEE, MUST DO ADVENTURE!” (It goes on light rain or moonshine) We continually change and add more to the field each season… More actors, props, and action characters. You will definitely get ideas on how to add to your Halloween pumpkin displays! We definitely have grown to be a one of a kind event in the mid west. Some say we put on a Hollywood-quality art display for Halloween. Well, we are on our way there!


Come early! We send people through in small groups of 4 to 6. NONE LARGER Flashlights are not allowed! No long lines!!! Enjoy the farm critters, sit by our bonfire, and tell or listen to haunting stories from 6pm – 10pm. Enjoy time with your family or friends till your wristband numbers get announced by the bonfire! Know your last three numbers! Then enter the quick line. (The quick-line consists of about 10 to 15 groups.) Once your number has passed, you may enter the quick-line at any time thereafter! You may also get a speed-pass and enter the quick line right away and visit the bonfire later! Enjoy haunted stories by the bonfire for an hour or two depending on how busy we get. Your entry time is based on number on your tickets purchased. Ticket sales begin at 12pm and run until 11:30 pm. We want to be ended by One amt, so come early…


PARENTS DISCRETION IS ADVISED – Not recommended for kids under 10. Those Under 14 are not allowed to enter property without parents after 10pm.Visit our Daytime Haunted Cornfield page for daytime family events. The Haunted Cornfield is geared for older kids, but you know your children. This Haunted Cornfield is long, intense, scary, creepy, unpredictably startling, un-staged, and terrifying to most! We work on all your fears. If you think they can handle it, go ahead and bring them. There are chicken gates (escape exits) for those that can’t handle it! This is a totally different experience from going to any Haunted House. This is also not your basic corn maze. It is a narrow, winding trail of extra-tall, and extra-thick corn, with lots of almost alive creatures and scenes. Many buildings, crypts, and cemeteries along the way. Complete with fog, sound, and light effects. But remember, we only allow so many guests a night… Buying of a ticket reserves your space. There are no refunds once you enter. If your child is horrified, and doesn’t make it into the beginning, ask for Rick. He will help make the evening better and worth it the youngster!

A maze, that other people have, is short corn, with wide trails, for you to run around in, criss-cross, tear up, and scare others. They seldom have anything more than a scarecrow, a few cutesy Halloween props, and kids acting and shaking milk jugs. If you’ve been to one of these, then you will really understand why our haunted cornfield is different, much more amazing, creepy, and all of what we say it is… It will be one of the most fun things you’ll do this October, so come and enjoy yourselves!


Enjoy our bonfire while you wait for your wristband number to come up. Wristband Tickets are numbered and number sequences are anounced by the bonfire. When your ticket number is between the numbers displayed you can enter the quick-line! The quick-line is a small line of 6-10 groups for you to wait in, and prepare for the haunt itself! You are also welcome to enjoy the bonfire, emus, rheas, and other farm critters after you do the Haunted Cornfield.


Please turn your car stereos off before you enter the farm. Also, please KEEP them off after you leave the farm, and get up to the highway!!! Other guests & neighbors will appreciate it. Thank you!No photography or video allowed in the Cornfield. No smoking ,No Purses or backpacks allowed No Hitting or touching of props or actors. If you violate any of these rules, you may be asked to leave without a refund. There are NO REFUNDS, period. If we scare you away before your entry, we did our job. The purchasing of a ticket acknowledges that you understand, and confirm, that you “Enter at your own risk”. There are unknown hazards on any farm with cornstalks and uneven surfaces throughout the cornfield and all around the farm. As well as other cars, tractors, and nipping animals. Be aware of your surroundings, and please do not run!


HOURS for 2017
Monday 10am – 8pm      
Tuesday 10am – 8pm      
Wednesday 10am – 10pm  No live actors
Thursday 10am – 10pm      No Live actors
Friday  open 10 am      Live actors      6PM – Midnight       
Saturday 10 am            Live actors      6pm – Midnight
Sunday 10am – 10pm    No Live actors


Ticket Cost
(On-site pricing)
Regular Pass – $25.00
VIP Quick Pass – $35.00


Weather Delays(None.)

Live-actor Haunted Cornfield IS ON Yes its ON clear for Friday & Saturday  October 20th  21st 6 pm . Halloween In the cornfield will be awesome The Haunt will be 6:pm till midnight They will go on Rain or moonshine unless we change it here! The cornfield has so much added this season!        It will be a nice spooky  night the Haunted Cornfield will Be Great!

PLEASE! For the sake of other guests and neighbors, turn car stereos OFF and drive slowly while on property. Lets all enjoy the Haunt!

Remember, no alcohol allowed, and smoking is only allowed by the bonfire pit!

The LAST Family Friendly, no-actor haunt, is Monday & Tuesday October 3oth  31st 5 pm to 10 pm  Ticket  sales end 9:30 pm & Last One for the season is October 31st Ticket sales end 9 pm , from 6pm till 10pm. It’s a Great Couples Night. Most say even CREEPIER than the live-actor haunt! (And much quieter…) Dress Warm

Click Here to Get Tickets


For Directions click here!


Ticket sales begin at 1pm and end at 11:30 pm, but we aim to get everyone in before we close . 2017 Haunted Cornfield and Bonfire evening of fun ticket is $25.00, tax included, for an hour or more of fun!


Speed pass to the quick line is an additional $10.00, tax included. It is not recommended skipping to the front of the quick line, as you miss hearing the spooky stories and the time to prepare yourself for the haunt. All tickets are admission for one person.


For the safety of all,  Alcohol is NOT permitted. (Town ordinance) NO SMOKING on farm. Smoking is only allowed at the bonfire waiting area. No smoking, lighters, matches, or beverages of any kind are allowed in the cornfield. Having them in field WILL END your haunt experience, as will touching props, creatures, or actors. There are NO REFUNDS . If your too scared to during your wait  or Too scared to Enter , well we did our job to give you a  scary evening!and you leave .  A ticket not used due to weather, or adverse conditions, may be used another night. Check with counter person to stamp it.


Make sure to read our rules page, and our required conduct & rules message board at the farm.


To stay at a hotel within a mile of our farm, the West Bend Country Inn and Suites tell them your a haunter to get your special!


West Bend Country Inn and Suites
2000 Gateway court, West Bend, Wi. 53095
Call (262) 334-9400 or (800) 456-4000



Nighttime family and child friendly Creepy Cornfield *


AN HOUR OF CREEPY FAMILY FUN, Thursday and Sundays ONLY and 6pm to 8pm M T W and a Night of HAIR-RAISING experiences! (No actors)


Nighttime Creepy Cornfield is open at dusk, and ticket sales end at 9:30 pm. We close at 10pm.


This is the same as the haunt, but without actors & fog. The Creepy Cornfield is geared for couples and families with smaller children that don’t wish the environment of an extreme haunt. You can share with the kids how corn grows, how soil conditions affect its growth, learn what animals eat corn, and how they grow from it. You can learn about animals on the farm as you go through the cornfield maze. We only send people through as family groups or couples at spacious intervals, making the experience super creepy in itself. Some say it is hair-raising and even creepier than with the actors. It is still 45 minutes of fun!


(Only $16.95)


You may bring a flashlight but do not use it unless absolutely necessary. Ticket sales end at 9pm and we will stay open until everyone is out! We close at 10pm, so make sure you’re out by 10, since sounds and lights go out! We come get ya!!! Cornfield is NOT open after 8pm Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.



Daytime Creepy Cornfield – Great for family fun!


This creepy action sound packed exhibit/haunt takes about 40 minutes to complete.


Daytime creepy cornfield is open 11am – 8pm.


The Daytime Creepy Cornfield is designed for thrilling family fun! Parents will have a great time participating with their children as they get involved in sharing with the kids how corn grows, how soil conditions affect its growth, learn what animals eat corn, and how they grow from it. Watch the kids have fun, and learn as you go through the cornfield maze, exploring the characters and scenes. Then, it gets spooky. Most kids can handle this fine. You know your kids best. If you think they cannot handle it, use discretion. The Daytime Creepy Cornfield is not too gory, gross, or startling.


$14.95 for kids 8 & up.
$12.50 for kids 7 & under.


Little kids must have a parent over 18 present. This is like an art gallery of Halloween exhibits. Some move, some scream, but all well done. You won’t believe the detailed artistic work involved for your enjoyment. Over 3/4 of a mile of trail in 6 acres of thick, jungle-like cornfield, involving over 60 creepy scenes, and about 200 creatures. As you make your way through the creepy cornfield, will you get lost? Scared? Creeped out? Find out as you make your way through to get to the the pumpkin field with the adventure package! Take a wagon ride and pick your own pumpkins, Indian corn, gourds, and take a wagon ride back to the farm. Visit and feed the farm critters, then picnic in one of our picnic areas, and enjoy your visit. The whole package deal . ( 30.00 Value!) includes A pumpkin of your choice from the field is included in this price. (The best deal, a $30.00 Value  for only $24.95!) A few hours, or an afternoon of fun for the whole family and learn as you visit.


Or, pick and choose your events – just the maze, just the wagon ride, or just pick up a pumpkin – it’s up to you! Caramel apples, popcorn, snacks, and refreshments available.


Go to our Groups page for rates on school groups, scout groups, and parties for pricing of group activities.


1000’s and 1000’s of already picked pumpkins of all sizes and kinds to choose from in our Grass Pumpkin Patch or displays. Prices start at $0.99. Visit our Halloween store for the greatest Halloween creepy props, scarecrows, and cornstalk created decorations. All props and decorations are for sale during business hours on Friday and Saturday.


Farm Hours: Farm is open 10am daily (9am for school groups)
And we close…


8pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
10pm on Thursday and Sunday in October
Midnight on Friday and Saturday in October
Open 5 weekends ONLY Cornfield ends October 30 th 2016


NOTE: Fog and strobe lights are in use after dusk. Caution is recommended for those with health conditions affected by intense strobe lights or fog use. Those with heart conditions, asthma, or are pregnant, should consult their doctor first! Meadowbrook reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone. You will experience intense audio, lighting, extreme low visibility, uneven walkways, strobe lights, heavy fog or haze, damp or wet conditions, and a physically demanding environment. You should not participate if you are pregnant, have claustrophobia, are prone to seizures, or have heart or respiratory problems. You will not be admitted if you are wearing any form of temporary cast, medical brace, or crutches. If you appear intoxicated, or out of control, your visit may be terminated, and you may be able to use your wristband another night! So, make sure you get it validated!