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Application To Join The Meadowbrook Team

  General Farm Jobs                        Haunted Cornfield support  Staff  and Monsters                   I want to  be a Monster

we hire 14 and up  a learning experience job                                   Most though over 18

Do you like to act? Want to be a monster during our haunt? From clowns to monsters to zombies, we take all types. However, you must have the ambition, ability, commitment, and reliability to scare people. If so, we may have a position for you. Just fill in your information below and we will contact you.


Openings for Pirates, Zombies, crazy/disturbing Clowns and many other monsters. Now is the time to apply. Even room for story tellers and magicians.

and openings for support staff     and haunt creators  from  August through October.

This is a pre-qualification form for our Halloween Haunt and haunt staff positions and contests. Open to all people and all ages who wish to be part of our Halloween enterprise. A formal application may be required prior to employment, but not necessary for volunteers. We only have a limited number of paid actors, however, most were volunteers their first year, but not necessary as volunteers. There will be cash prizes for the greatest acting of our most committed volunteers.

We are a family destination. If you are registered, or should be registered, as a sex offender or child offender, please do NOT apply. It will be checked.

This webpage  Is under construction with us upgrading our website .  Please send an email with basic information  and best time to contact you , your skills and what excites you about the Halloween season!  to

Please complete all information completely and accurately.