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Fall fun at Meadowbrook Pumpkin Farm

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NO ADMISSION  OR PARKING CHARGES, * No per Lb. price on pumpkins!                                 Most Pumpkin Farms  charge 15.00 admission fee  or a parking Fee... No admission or Parking fees here ....However we do charge fees for some activities , you choose what you wish to do... 

   Bounce House Will be available . Saturday , Sunday, 11 till 5 pm

We open at 10 am daily  everyday/  close 8 pm M,T,W 

We Close at 10 pm Thursday & Sunday  open  till Midnight   Friday & Sunday! Ticket sales end at 11 pm


2014 Prices for activities are as follows     * = taxable item

Activity Price      
Visit to the critter park  $2 each all ages ( Donation to  help feed, fund the animals care and vet care) 2 and under free! with paid Guardian Kids under  9 must have guardian along.
Pick Your Own Pumpkin $8 each Tue & Wed, Thursday and Friday      any size 5 to 60lbs 
 Friday, Saturday Sunday $9.00 each w  Free Wagon ride included  Sat & Sunday 10:am to 6 pm        Friday 12 to 6 pm   every hour on the hour.
Spooky Wagon Rides    child friendly               * $4. each  With stop at pumpkin field.  ( 2 and under  free} with adult ( no Pumpkin)  add a pumpkin 6.00  each 
Free Wagon Ride,to pick your own pumpkin $9.00 each Any size. 5# to 60lbs  Most 15-30 lbs many 40 lbs yet, Quality is best ever with great stems , dark color.   Wagon Ride Free with pumpkin  weekends all 9.50 
extra pumpkins are 6.00 each
Haunted Cornfield by night. Incudes unlimited time(during your visit  by the bonfire  and Haunting stories by the bonfire  . 6  till 11    *Bonfire ends at 12 sharp Tax included  23.00 each   group of 12 or more get 1.00 off each when purchased as one transaction.
 Speed Pass to quick-line 29.00 each   ( upgrade once purchased to re-ticket is 7.00)
 See online buy tickets for online ticket purchasing and Group discount Tickets packages... Some weekends in October, the Wait could be anywhere from 1 hour to Three hours depending on flow and crowd that arrives..So Dress for the weather and wait by the bonfire, listen to haunting stories till your number to come up on led screen! or is announced! 
 Saturdays are clearly busier than Fridays! Haunt  starts about 6:00 6:30pm 
Group Ticket Sales end at 11:00 pm Larger groups call for special pricing and accommodations
  Speed pass  29.00   plus tax 
Other special group ticket savings can be purchased online at ticket leap
Creepy Cornfield Daytime Adventure  * Big kids! 8 and up $14.95 each--------  kids 7 & under $11.50 each with 1 adult ticket purchase ( 2 and under free with adult)
 ( admission to Animal Land included  )
12  and under must be accompanied by an adult! 
Creepy Cornfield Adventure Package  *
BEST VALUE!!     $22.95 each ,   29.00 value    BEST VALUE!!
Covers everything you can do !,  Experiencing the Daytime Creepy Cornfield, A wagon ride, includes any pumpkin in the field ,  u pick 2 gourds , the Picking an ear of Indian corn from next to the pumpkin patch, A trip through The New safari Trail with the emus and other critters ,  and  unlimited time with the the animal park petting area,
 the picnic area.   and for those 12 & under two periods in the Bounce house !
Family and children friendly Creepy Cornfield          * $15.95 each all ages  ( no Actor Night)     (+ sales Tax )  Thursday and Sunday evenings only 6 till 10 pm
Haunted Cornfield Adventure Package    * Haunted Cornfield any  Night its open., Visit the animals Plus any pumpkin you want....  32.95

For group Prices 12 or more  see group activities and tours page

Haunted Cornfield by night with live actors, action! 

Fri and Sat Evenings $23 each tax included. everyone is a big kid tonight! includes the bonfire waiting area!
groups of 12 or more - $1. off each when bulk purchased. or check for online ticket purchase specials
Speed pass to the quick line is 29.00 each
See ticket leap ticketing for some package deals. including Speed Pass deals, group deals
Friday and Saturday Night Haunted Cornfield with the bonfire included with the night haunt which is designed for us big kids.
children under 12 not recommended .  People 14 and under Must be accompanied by parent or Guardian over 18 after 10 pm

The Haunted/Creepy Cornfield
"It's quite possibly the the world's largest outdoor Halloween action Art Gallery!" An evening of entertainment. Enjoy a bonfire as you muster up the courage to enter the dark creepy cornfield. Will you survive? Leave the real world behind and enter the fantasy world in the Haunted Cornfield as it comes to life! Six acres of super-tall, super thick, dark, foggy cornfield jungle on a narrow winding 3/4 mile long winding trail. Hundreds of creatures lurking, stalking & watching your every move…waiting for the right moment to strike. The night time Haunted Corn Field contains live actors action creatures & props, sound effects,  along with lighting effects, numerous strobe lights and fog!  , Be scared and scream as you make your way through the dark creepy jungle of corn. Enter Crypts and scary buildings along the way, then back out to the jungle of corn till you reach the next creepy building! What's next!! scared to go in,, I bet , This is unlike any Haunted house, , its not like any corn maze.. We've been told, "Its a Hollywood quality adventure." 45 minutes of terror and suspense, 45 minutes of screams. will you scream for eternity or will you make your way out! The adventure takes around 40-45 minutes to complete. (if you make it out!). Plus on Fri nights, a bonfire, haunting stories, and refreshments by non profit groups to make a great evening of entertainment!

Most people do a 10-15 minute Haunt  for  10-14.00  then have three 10 minute haunts for a deal of 27-35.00  for a package for all three   That's   1.00  per minute     wow   that means out Haunt should be 45.00  well its Not... AND you get to enjoy Haunting stories by the bonfire of ghostly legends of times past and present!
We do a Huge evening of entertainment and a 45 minute 3/4 mile long haunt...unlike any haunted house....its a must see  Must Do adventure!
Unlike  no other... This one of a kind attraction is only available HERE  and NOW in Wisconsin at Meadowbrook's Haunted Cornfield.  There is no other Haunt in the Midwest done to this level! Maybe the Nation done like the one we have here!     See our Reviews...videos..

Buy the speed=pass ticket and enter our short "Quick-line" at any time you choose.
Enjoy our haunting Storyteller at Bonfire waiting area before or after the Night Haunt every Friday and Saturday Night.
Haunt admission of 23.00 includes bonfire!
Bonfire only admission is 5.00 each
It could be cold and Because of our popularity a long wait could be inevitable... So Dress for the weather and wait.
It is busier on Saturdays than Fridays and busier as we get closer to Halloween so come early in the month or come earlier in the night or on Fridays! We do not reserve or pre-book entry times except by  our speed-pass tickets will allow you to enter the end of the quick line upon arrival ! However we still recommend  you enjoy the bonfire  after if not before! its all part of the adventure and evening! if you don't your missing out on some of the fun!

Daytime Spooky Wagon Rides  *

$4.00 each/person ride
or  any size Pumpkin in the field for 9.00 each and the wagon ride then is Free
Thursday & Friday  every hour on the hour 12pm till 6 pm Saturday & Sunday 10am-6pm (aprox. every 15  minutes)
Also group/family group weekday rides available by appointment!

Creepy Cornfield Daytime Adventure   *

Big kids 8 and up $14.95 Adult required with those 12 and under
kids 7 and under $11.50 each (with required adult)
(2 and under free w/ paid adult pass)
10AM-6PM weekends and 10am until 6pm weekdays after 6 pm its the night=time  creepy cornfield

We have put over 4000 hours into the creatures and scenes in the Creepy Cornfield! its unlike any other in the Midwest.
It's quite possibly the the world's largest outdoor Halloween  Art Gallery!" Creep through  6 acres of super thick ,super tall cornfield jungle, along a winding 3/4 mile trail with  over 60 scenes involving over 200 haunted, creepy creatures lurking about. Now add motion, and sound effects, cool scenes and action and  so much more. Will you get lost? Scared? Creeped out? will you scream or be scared as you make your way to the Pumpkin Patch. The adventure takes around 40-45 minutes to complete. Parents will enjoy and have fun watching their children playact and fantasize as they participate and playact along the trail. Then if you do the adventure package deal!... pick your own pumpkins, pick some gourds, pick Indian Corn and get treats to feed the emus, lamas, bunnies, peacocks, ducks, geese, turkeys, goats and more. Take a wagon ride to the pumpkin patch, then back to the farm and visit the many farm animals.  The creepy cornfield by day is not Very gross or gory however some scenes you may want to walk sensitive children by a little more quickly!. While here don't forget to visit the cool Halloween store. picnic tables are available.
 It will be among the "funnest" things you do this fall,
Any admission after 6 pm  If and when open after 6 pm is considered a family friendly Haunt event for 15.95 all ages..

Creepy Cornfield Adventure Package   * Best deal!

Best Value! - Do the "Creepy Cornfield Adventure" Package!
 19.95 M-W 10:00AM - 6:00PM Daily  No wagon rides Mon thru Thursday ( except pre booked Groups)
The 22.95 Package Deal Includes Wagon rides  Thursday & Friday 11 AM - 6pm, and Saturday and Sunday 10am - 6pm
Package includes
Admission to the Creepy Cornfield, a wagon ride to and from The Pumpkin Patch, and around the spooky cornfield, pick your own pumpkin any size you choose from our pyo pumpkin patch, includes picking two gourds,  picking one Indian corn from the field,  Includes the Safari trail through the animal pastures to the Petting zoo area to feed the farm critters!   and for those kids under 12  two periods in the bounce house.   Fun for all ages. Get it all for a great deal!! Ask for the creepy cornfield adventure package!! A whole afternoon of fun at our Pumpkin Farm for one low price of $22.95 each.
Family groups of 8 or more purchased as one purchase may have a family rate of 19.95 each
Ages 2 and under get to tag along Free,  Pumpkin is not included for those 2 and under.
 However a child size Table top pie pumpkin can be found in the field for only 4.50 for the little tikes.. (8" dia and under)

When you purchase 4 or more Creepy Cornfield Adventure Packages,&  bring Grandpa and/or Grandma along with the family for the creepy cornfield , and wagon ride, animal park and pay only $9.00 each for Grandpa to join you! $9.00 for grandpa, or grandma INCLUDES admission to the Creepy Cornfield and the wagon ride& animal park  It does NOT include pumpkins, gourds or Indian corn (they may be purchased separately).

Must take hayride and pick your own pumpkin prior to 6:00pm

Night-time family and child friendly Creepy Cornfield   *

       Thursday and Sunday nights 6 till 10 pm 
and a Night of HAIR-RAISING experiences! (No actors)
Nighttime Creepy Cornfield is open at dusk and  Farm closes at 10:00PM.

This is the same as the haunt, but without actors & Fog . The Creepy Cornfield is geared for couples and families with smaller children that don't wish the environment of an extreme haunt. We only send people through as family groups or couples at spacious intervals, making the experience super creepy in itself. (Some say it is hair-raising and even creepier than with the actors) Still 45 minutes of  Hair raising fun.

Admission is $15.95 all ages

You may bring a flashlight but do not use it unless absolutely necessary.
 Ticket sales end at 9 pm Farm closes at 10  

Haunted Cornfield Adventure Package   *

 Purchase the Creepy Cornfield adventure package like above ,( the spooky wagon ride , pick a pumpkin before 6 pm and visit the animal park) However do the dark nighttime cornfield and Bonfire on Friday and Saturday Night, rather than by day. and get the whole adventure package and the nighttime  Haunted cornfield anytime  you choose once your number has passed for one deal of a price.

This is so  much different than a haunted House.
$32.95 each includes hanging out by the nightly bonfire & speed pass to the Quickline of the night Haunt!t!

Gift Store and Market

Visit the unique  Halloween Store at our Pumpkin Farm for all of your Halloween Decorations made from Farm Products. We have scary props and cute decorations for your yard and home. For a sneak peak at our Halloween Store, go to our Halloween Store page for a very small peak.

1000's and 1000's of already picked, perfect and spooky pumpkins 29 Varieties to choose from,  starting at only .99 cents each. Some pumpkins may weigh up to 200 lbs.

You can also enjoy a family Farm  picnic in one of our picnic areas.  visit our concession stand for pizza or burgers. Just let us know upon your arrival and we can help place your order and handle it all for you. Beverages are available for purchase from our market.
Fri. 6 pm to 11pm  Sat  11 am - 11 pm & Sun 11AM - 8PM

Pizza, Snacks and refreshments are available.
Groups , Birthday parties, Scout groups  should go to our group Page for group package ideas.

then Call or email us for pricing of group activities (we are seldom next to the phone so emailing is best).

We also carry an assortment of Winter Squash Varieties, Indian Corn, gourds (craft and birdhouse), 29 Varieties of Pumpkins from mini-pumpkins To  JUMBO pumpkins, corn stalks, straw bales, creepy Halloween Props, Haunted House Props, crafts, scarecrows and an assortment of seasonal decorations. Catch a sneak peek at what we will have for Christmas, besides our trees and wreathes! Order your Christmas wreath in October and get $5.00 off any 30 inch or larger wreathes. See Christmas page for some pics...

Visit our concession stand for products from our sponsors.... Dominos Pizza  &
West Bend Country Inn and Suites  have rooms available for those that drove a distance  and prefer not to drive home...
They are  Haunter Friendly Hotel 1 mile from our Farm!

   Farm is Open 10 am daily...
Till 8 pm Monday Tuesday Wednesday,
Till 10 PM Thursday and Sunday
Till Midnight Fri and Sat in October.
A NEW Bounce House has ARRIVED  FOR 2012

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